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Band Members: Tiff Alkouri, James Ramsey, Jordan Lucas, Chris Cuomo, Tyler Moore 

80’s and late 70’s inspired Fire Tiger from Los Angeles strives through new, original songs to bring classic pop rock musicality back to the mainstream, bridging sounds of past and future…

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With their new 10-song vinyl record album ‘Energy’, the theatrical retro band has been gathering thousands of comments from fans worldwide on Youtube and Twitter, and has been featured in countless blogs, internet radio, and terrestrial radio including  the UK and several other European countries, the US, Canada, Chile, Australia… 

Influences include: Jefferson Starship, Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, The Smiths, The Pretenders, Ramones, Blondie, Heart, Rush, Phil Collins, Billy Joel, Billy Idol, Pat Benatar, Tina Turner, Mister Mister, Scandal, Simple Minds, A-ha, Pink Floyd, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, The Doors, Boston, Survivor, Tom Petty, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, U2, and many more!!

The “Energy” video on YouTube has been receiving very excited and emotional comments from fans of all ages, all over the world!

Here are just a few…

“Faith in humanity – RESTORED.” ~krisitak~

“Holy sh**. My life has meaning.” ~geek773~

“AWESOME, AWESOME, WHO’S GOT THE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!” ~16skyrocket~

“Es hermosa esta canción… Fire Tiger ♥” ~bocapasion100~

“I want to run a marathon listening to only this! :-]” ~AliveMama79~

“Best band EVER. ♥″ -Tiani14

“One word after listening to this – Bitchin’!” ~pdex2165~

“thrusts sword into ground and yells THIS IS MUSIC.” – HIGHSTAROUTLAW

“The world is saved” – pingju94

“Fantastic video and song ‘Fire Tiger’ excellent retro vibe. W&W” – WILDWELSHmusic

“We need to support this bands… to get young generations into quality music.” – Shaun GRAQUI

“From the vocals to the lyrics to the melody, to the girl and band, I love it all!!” ~Stephreena12~

“Added this amazing song to my “80s Best” playlist. Salute to Fire Tiger ! ))))” ~NingunAmorParaMi~

“from now on, i’m gonna post this in every youtube video i watch. bring back the soul of music! keep rocking!” ~Elijah Entrampas~

“I stumbled on this band and I have to say I love it. Me and my buddies in CLR-2 2D Marine Logistics Group love your band and would love to see you guys live. Hopefully you’ll one day come to play for us we’d really appreciate it keep it up you have full support from the Marine Corps .” ~wesker142~

“I only have one question. Where do I get your amazing music so I can put it on my Ipod and listen to it daily?! ”~Adam Johnson~

“You guys are just FANTASTIC and I LOVE your songs and music! ENERGY is really AWESOME, I’ve listened to it a 100 times!
Keep on rockin’ baby!!! A BIG HELLO FROM CROATIA!!! ♥ ♥ ♥”
~Daniel Rogosic~

“Energy has been on repeat for the last half hour with no signs of stopping!”~Christopher Yendt~

A few “Green Light” comments:

“This is what music is supposed to sound like.” – Johsko

“I’m really in disbelief how much this sounds like the 80’s Imean if I didn’t see the date on the song i would swera it was done in the 80’s its amazing” – Booster0636

“Honestly one of my favourite bands!!! It’s sublime! It’s actual music!!!” – Nagato3303

“Putting my faith into this band. They’re dripping with potential. I really hope they get a bigger break through so maybe they can have more freedom with music videos and do some really cool 80’s looking stuff.” – Sydney O’Bier

“Wonderful song, excellent video, any plans for a video for “The Same OId Song”? Keep up the great work, I’ll keep my eyes out for album #2!” – Bryce Lozier

“He Has Changed” on YouTube has also received very notable comments, here are a few:

“OMG OMG OMG SO AMAZING!!!!” – Julius Reynolds

“Well looks like the world isn’t gonna go to sh*t any more” – Timothy Tew

“Wow…what an emotional rush. I am 61 years old and did not think I would ever hear music like this again! You guys should be #1 everywhere….” – Amy Thompson

“Probably best song made in the last few years” – Warbo Entertainment

“Very sad yet beautiful.” – SunnyTheGentleFox

“This is the best song about a wonderful companionship turned into an abusive and one-sided relationship I’ve ever heard. It portrays the victim’s denial that one day he’ll change into the loving man he once was and run back to her in every line so well that I’m curious as to if this has actually happened to Tiff or one of her loved ones. Also, the music compliments the theme very well with a simple, but beautiful, sounding string set along with that glorious harmonica.” – TheJNSQ

“Definitivamente, maravilloso! hermosa canción. Perfección en canción, gracias por la composición de tal pieza Guys!” – luis machillanda

“HOLY CRAP ITS JUST SO GOOD!!” – stephthespiceberry purple

“Such a beautiful voice that the singer has.” – Eagleeye5600

“Video e musica de qualidade,é de arrepiar…From Brazil.” – Julio Cezar Moura de Souza

“WoW! Fire Tiger truly deserves to be in the Top 10 charts. Both ‘Energy’ and ‘He has changed’ are incredible songs. All the best wishes from Turkey :)” – Fatih Aktas

“So many emotions in just one song. Amazing! Greetings from Argentina..” – Harringuicool

“Not only Argentina, Holland is waiting too!” – Schele78

“Thanks for letting me live part of the 80′, since I wasn’t alive, sadly. Waiting for you to come to Uruguay!” – Valeria Hernandez Politi

“Guys, I know the rest of the world wants you to tour their countries, BUT YOU WOULD ROCK THE HOUSE DOWN IN AUSSIE.” – John T612

“Great song, greatings from Greece” – Andy Tsaou

“Excelente música! congratulations from a new mexican fan! <3” – omar villafana

“Great song, Great band, and Great music…never heard of them till now. reminds me of all the Great bands of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.” – Andrew Yang

“Whow… the lyrics are really heavy an dense… this is made with the heart, you can tell this song is the work of an artist” – Maximilian Sterling

“Wow, this sounds so much like a classic Peter, Paul, and Mary song, amazing.” – gyloir

“What a sad, and beautiful video. Love the song. Just pure talent. Please don’t loose your talent.” – Brisenochris1989

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